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iTools is a versatile suit of software tools to allow configuration and monitoring of all Euro herm 2000 and 3000 Series Controllers and the Epower Controller. It also provides Runtime monitoring of the 6000 Series graphical recording and data management units. It is capable of editing; storing and 'cloning' complete controller configurations as well as setting Up data logging, process monitoring and Ethernet and modem connections. Configuring Euro herm controllers has never been easier with the Graphical Wiring Editor within iTools.This intuitive tool allows the user to configure 3500, Mini8 Controller, 2604 and 2704 controllers, using a simple drag and drop graphical interface. By using pre-configured function Blocks within the Graphical Wiring Editor, the user can develop advanced control applications in minutes.

Terminal Wiring allows the user to view the rear terminal panel of the selected device, and to determine the hardware setup. When online this view automatically updates to reflect the Current instruments configurations. When developing a configuration offline, this view allows the user to define the requires device I/O.

OPC Scope is a separate utility that allows trending, data logging and Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE). It is an OPC explore program that can connect to any OPC server that is in the Windows registry. Both data logging and trending are available and the user can trend and view live data, with a scalable time axis between 1 minute and 1 month. This utility also offers a Historical Review mode and data can be logging onto the PC hard disk, from which it may be retrieved and analysed in an Excel spreadsheet.

Clicking on this Views Toolbar item causes a front panel faceplate of the selected device to appear in the main iTools frame. For many instruments types, any digital displays and/or push buttons etc.Which 'appear' on the device itself, are mimicked on this Device Panel View, allowing the device to be 'operated' via iTools (instead of at the panel) if desired. The Set point Program Editor within iTools provides a simple method of configuring set point profiles and programmable event outputs. Programs can be edited live - online with the Controller, or offline - for download after editing or storage of the profile. Storage of profiles is limited only by the amount of disk space available on the PC.

Configuration wizards are provided to simplify the configuration of a number of Euroherm controllers. The user is provided with a number of pages giving a step by step configuration Process with interactive help and graphical demonstrations of the different options. Tools can be provided to allow advanced user and OEMs to create their own wizards.The wizards can either run stand-alone or within iTools and will be automatically offered when the instruments is first loaded into iTools.


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