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Power Controllers

Power Controller


A wide range of Power Controllers and Switches covering all types of loads, voltages and incorporates each features like strategy management, alarm management, exhaustive diagnostics And digital communication. The range is suitable for a variety of loads and applications.

Power Switches Power Controller Single Phase Multi Phase
FEATURES EPower Controller Epack Efit 7100A 7200A 7300A
Heater Type Constant Resistance
SWIR (Short Wave Infraced)
Variable Resistance x
Inductive/Transformer Coupled x
True Power Control x x x
Maximum Voltage (Volts) 690V 500V 500V 500V 500V 500V
Maximum Current (Amps) Compact 50-630A
Decentralised 800-4000A (MC)
125A 50A 250A 200A 160A
Controlled Phases 1-4 x 1, 1-2 x 2 or 3 1 1 1 2 3
Input Analogue
Firing Mode Burst Firing x
Burst Firing
PLF and / or PLU x
Current Limit x
Diagnostic x
Alarms x
Digital Communications Profibus,EtherNet/IP,
CC-Link, DeviceNet,
Modbus, Modbus TCP, ProfiNet
Modbus TCP x x x Modbus 


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