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Process Automation System

Process Automation System - Hardware

OPtima Intouch PC

Euro herm’s wealth of expertise in process automation across many industries and offers high performance solutions designed to provide ongoing operational efficiency. These solutions are fully scalable from the smallest HMI to a large, enterprise wide Automation network and minimize initial engineering costs with consistent, flexible tool sets.

Euroherm Pac solutions utilize the expertise on which we have built over 50 years of business. World class control, advanced data security, energy management, flexible I/O and visualization options Combined with powerful strategy engines form the basis of systems that can easily integrate with existing platforms and 3rd party equipment as required. Our products are designed with built-in functionality that reflects our core technology and application expertise - reducing engineering effort and providing You with systems that are delivered on time and work first time.

Process Automation Eycon™ Visual Supervisor PAC OPtima Touch
Features Eycon 10 Eycon 20 T2750 T2550 OPtima Intouch PC
Display Type 5.5” QVGA 12.1” XGA Remote 12.1” XVGA 15” XVGA
IP Rating IP65 IP20 IP65
Input Type Remote mV, V, mA, T/C, RTD, Potentiometer Remote
Analogue IP/OP Remote In: 64 Out: 32 x
Digital IP/OP Remote In/Out: 256 In/Out: 128 x
SP Programmer 8 Channels, 40 Segments each 8 Channels, 32 Segments each x
Auditor Features x x
Control x
Data Logging x
Ethernet (ELIN) 10/100Mbps 10/100Mbps 10/100Mbps
Modbus (Serial & TCP) Master/Slave Master/Slave a
Profibus Master x Slave x
Network Addressing DHCP, Boot P,
Link Local, Fixed
DHCP, Boot P,
Link Local, Fixed

Process Automation System - Software


Euroherm PAC brings you better integration and long term support options in a fully integrated solutions. Its architecture reduces Your wiring and engineering costs while providing you initial build accuracy and simplified of a single database structure.

The system complexity and cost can further be reduced by utilizing the Security Management and Alarm Management packages.Open protocols, peer to peer communications, simple visualizations and advanced math function blocks bring you proven solutions at a practice price and engineering level.

Longer term, the provision of a PAC system makes system upgrades, expansion, support, continued ERP integration and total lifecycle costs more easily manageable and will bring you peace of mind for continued optimization of your process.


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